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About company

RSC Group history has begun in 2009 when the team of like-minded persons decided to found a new solution provider company be able to develop and deploy the complex supercomputing solutions based on cutting-edge world class technologies as well as on own original innovative know-how.

In a short period of time RSC emerged as the Russia and CIS leading developer and full-cycle system integrator of new generation supercomputing solutions based on Intel architectures, innovative liquid-cooling technology and its own know-how.

RSC’s broad level expertise permits to:

  • create the most energy efficient solutions with record level PUE,

  • achieve the industry-highest compute power density based on x86 standard processors;

  • use the energy efficient green design;

  • provide the highly reliable solutions;

  • achieve the completely noiseless work of computing modules;

  • provide the 100% compatibility and guaranteed scalability;

  • ensure the lowest total cost of ownership thanks to low level of energy consumption.

Additionally RSC specialists are experienced in development and implementation of a complete software solution stack for increased effectiveness and usability of supercomputer systems ranging from system software to vertically oriented platforms on the basis of cloud computing technology.

The most successful and largest project of RSC is a prototype of a 10 PFLOPS-range (PFLOPS is quadrillion floating point operations of double precision per second) supercomputing system at the Joint Supercomputer Center (JSCC) of the Russian Academy of Science (RAS). MVS-10P Supercomputer based on RSC Tornado Cluster Architecture is the largest system with the latest Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors not only in the Russia and CIS but even outside of USA (as of February 2014). The prototype system with direct liquid cooling and 523.8 TFLOPS (trillion floating point operations of double precision per second) peak performance sets the Russia’s and CIS energy efficiency record level of more than 1,949 MFLOPS/W, which is 5.5 times increase comparing to the previous energy efficiency record for the region (also achieved by an RSC Tornado-based system with liquid cooling).

The supercomputer consists of 3,328 Intel® Xeon® E5-2690 processor cores and 25,376 Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor SE10X cores. Each node supports a large capacity of energy efficient RAM – 64 GB (DDR3-1600, low voltage green memory), which equals to 4 GB per each Intel Xeon core and 13 TB of RAM for the whole system.

New energy efficient MVS-10P supercomputer based on holds currently 59thposition at Top500 list of the most powerful computing systems in the world (November, 2012) while it is the best Russian supercomputer in terms of energy efficiency according to the worldwide Green500 rating placing 30rd position there (November, 2012).

Our partners

The key partner of RSC Group is Intel Corporation. RSC Group’s supercomputing solutions based on Intel technologies and architectures as well as on Intel® Xeon® server processors.

RSC and Intel have formed a long-term strategic partnership, confirmed by RSC’s Platinum level in Intel® Technology Provider Program.

100% compatibility and guaranteed scalability of RSC Tornado architecture based solutions is Intel® Cluster Ready certified.

According to the results of Intel's 2010 contest RSC Group’s supercomputing solution was pronounced as a winner in "The best server solution based on Intel® Xeon® processors in Russia/CIS region" nomination.

At the Intel Platinum Summit partner conference in London (April, 2012) RSC’s success and innovative designs have been recognized by Intel’s Special Award ‘For implementing the 1st Intel EPSD-based liquid-cooling solution in the HPC area in EMEA region’.

Infrastructure partnership

Key partners for infrastructure subsystems used in RSC Group solutions are:

  • Emerson Corporation,
  • APC by Schneider Electric.

Partnership development

RSC Group is constantly expanding the list of its partners. So far there are agreements with:

  • Hewlett-Packard,
  • Super Micro Computer Inc.


ZAO RSC Technologies 

121170, Moscow, Kutuzovskiy av., 36, building 23

Tel: +7 (495) 640-3107


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