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RSC Tornado SUSU

RSC Tornado® cluster architecture

RSC Tornado Cluster Architecture provides wide range of energy efficient and powerful solutions with high computing density based on RSC Direct Liquid Cooling Technology designed to solve various customers’ needs.

The product line includes: 

  • RSC DCmicro (4 to 32 nodes, up to 60 TFLOPS),
  • RSC DCmini (32 to 306 nodes, up to 0.6 PFLOPS),
  • RSC Data Center (from 2 high dense racks up to hundreds of PFLOPS).
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RSC PetaStream Massivelly Parallel Supercomputer (MPSC), Scalability

RSC PetaStream® Massively Parallel Architecture

RSC PetaStream® Massively Parallel Architecture - the path for revolutionary ultra-high dense HPC solution with direct liquid cooling supporting over 250K execution threads (1PFLOPS) in one rack with just 1m2 (10.8 sq. ft.) footprint ensuring investment protection in software optimization and development for future many-core platforms. 

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