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Intel Xeon Phi:

RSC PetaStream cabinet massivelly parallel supercomputer

TFLOPS kW Performance
RSC PetaStream
Main parameters
Memory (GB)
kW (Max)
Sq. Metres
Cub. Metres


RSC PetaStream® - 1.2 PFLOPS per cabinet massivelly parallel supercomputer (MPSC)

Revolutionary ultra-high dense HPC solution with direct liquid cooling supporting over 250K execution threads in one rack with just 1 m2 (10.8 sq. ft.) footprint ensuring investment protection in software optimization and development for future many-core platforms. RSC PetaStream solution sets the world’s record of computing density of 1PFLOPS per cabinet.

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RSC PetaStream Massivelly Parallel Supercomputer (MPSC)