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RSC's supercomputer becomes the most energy efficient Russian HPC system listed in Green500

07 October 2011

This system is a de facto energy efficiency leader in CIS countries.

Moscow, December 7, 2011 — SKIF Aurora SUSU supercomputer built by the Russian developer and vendor RSC Group on the basis of Intel® Xeon® 5680 processors and liquid cooling and installed at South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk, Russia) became the most energy efficient Russian HPC system according to a new edition of Green500 rating ( published in November 2011. The system took the 109th position in the rating. Currently there are only five Russian supercomputers in Green500, their number decreased more than twice compared to the previous edition of the rating.

Green500 includes world's most energy efficient computing clusters (by performance-to-energy consumption ratio). The rating is calculated and published twice a year based on Top500 list of world's most powerful supercomputers.

According to Green500, SKIF Aurora SUSU supercomputer shows energy efficiency at the level of 349.78 MFLOPS per Watt and outpaces its nearest Russian competitor (153rd position in Green500) almost by 1.5X in this metric with about 10 times as less power consumption. SKIF Aurora SUSU computing system with a peak performance of 117 TFLOPS was built on the basis of the highest-performing at that time Intel® Xeon® 5680 processors with the clock speed of 3.33 GHz and heat dissipation of 130 W without using graphics accelerators. The system's leading position among all Russian supercomputers listed in Green500 demonstrates the fact that energy efficiency depends not on the graphics accelerators itself, but on know-how to build energy efficient supercomputers based on powerful central processors and advanced liquid cooling.

Currently SKIF Aurora SUSU takes the 3rd position in Top50 of most powerful supercomputers in CIS countries (September 2011), as well as the 121st position in the latest edition of Top500 rating of the world's most powerful supercomputers (November 2011). The computing cluster's best result in Top500 was 87th position in the previous edition of the rating (June 2011).

"We are happy that the most powerful supercomputing system built by RSC by this time is a de facto the most energy efficient HPC system in Russia and CIS, as shown in the new edition of Green500 rating. Undoubtedly, our energy efficient RSC Tornado cluster architecture with liquid cooling for widely available standard server boards made a great contribution in this success. Most computing nodes of SKIF Aurora SUSU are based on this architecture", said Alexey Shmelev, Chief Operating officer at RSC Group.

About RSC Group

RSC Group is Russia's and CIS leading full-cycle developer and integrator of next-generation supercomputing solutions based on Intel architecture and technology, advanced liquid cooling and its own extensive know-how. The company’s potential allows for practical  realization of industry-highest computing density based on x86 standard processors, completely green design, 100 percent compatibility and guaranteed scalability, while ensuring lowest total cost of ownership and small energy consumption. Additionally RSC specialists are experienced in development and implementation of a complete software solution stack for increased effectiveness and usability of supercomputer systems ranging from system software to vertically oriented platforms on the basis of cloud computing technology.

RSC supercomputing solution was recognized a winner in Russia’s and CIS Best Server Solution Based on Intel® Xeon® Processors nomination as a part of contest organized by Intel Corporation in 2010.  RSC has the highest (Platinum) status in Intel® Technology Provider Program. For additional information please visit