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RSC PetaStream Massively Parallel Architecture

Revolutionary ultra-high dense HPC solution with direct liquid cooling supporting over 250K execution threads in one cabinet with just 1m2 (10.8 sq. ft.) footprint ensuring investment protection in software optimization and development for future many-core platforms.

RSC PetaStream solution sets the world’s record of computing density of 1.2PFLOPS per cabinet.


Massively Parallel System to address ExaScale needs
•Right system for many-core processors
•The architecture that scales compute, storage and network to ExaScale levels

Programmability and investment protection
•Build on industry standard x86 architecture
•Utilize existing programming models, re-use existing apps
•Preserve investment into optimization forfuture many-core platforms

Flexible to meet specific customer requirements
•Choice of interconnects and topologies
•Provides options for innovative storageand interconnection designs

Energy efficiency
•Build on proven exhaustiveRSC direct liquid cooling technology
•Efficient and innovative power deliverysubsystem
•System management and monitoring

The RSC PetaStream architecture is an innovative implementation of massive parallel architecture based on best available industrial components and unique experience of RSC specialists. Each system ode is based on 61-core Intel® Xeon Phi7120D coprocessor, all 1024 nodes are linked with high-speed connections providing a revolutionary ultra-high density HPC solution with over 250K threads in a single x86-based cabinet.


RSC Petastream Architecture

To provide maximum package density, high I/O throughput, computing reliability and manageability, multiple nodes are combined in a single module providing liquid cooling, efficient power supply and enabling node aggregation in a cabinet. RSC PetaStream module hosts up to eight nodes with 61-core Intel® Xeon Phi7120D coprocessors, I/O subsystem including Intel® Server Board S1600JP with Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v2 processor, up to five Intel® SSD drives of S3500 or S3700 series, network adapters for fast node interconnections.

A variety of Intel® S3500 or S3700 series solid state drives guarantee high performance and capacity of data storage system. These drives are a de-facto industry standard that provides high performance and guaranteed lifecycle for 5 years with 10-times daily overwriting as well as low response time and high QoS level of query handling.

The RSC PetaStream architecture provides customers a flexible choice of interconnect types and topologies of the created network by supporting installation of various expansion cards ensuring high throughput of external I/O subsystems to over 200 Gbps.

Extended hardware and software system monitoring and control features using integrated RSC BasIS software stack are provided for user convenience. The integrated monitoring and control system is implemented on node level. The system uses Intel® Node Manager technology to control and monitor node power consumption and to implement flexible power consumption control.

Solutions based on RSC PetaStream Architecture